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Romance : Raaga of Life

The essential meaning of romance has been degraded. People think about romance only between two beings who are dating each other. Its intelligence that has been hijacked by their hormones. If it wasn't that, the whole universe and every piece of creation is worth involvement.Romance is very deep involvement. The very source of creation, source of existence is because of the romance between the creator and the creation. Try to notice rain with a little attention, you will find that the romance in nature. Every plant, leaf and stem and root is dancing in joy.
Right now in this world,if you utter the word “relationship” it has to be the involvement of two bodies. But just a few decades ago, if you said, “I have a relationship,” it meant much more. People had relationships with their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends.Why can’t you just look at human beings as they are? Why is that we have stopped paying attention to small little things? Indeed, many take it on faith that ro…

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